"Tori makes me feel like an athlete again! I can tell her something specific I'd like to work and she'll go above and beyond to deliver. Maybe you don't know what you'd like to really work on? That's fine! Tori will create a fun, engaging, and kick- ass workout for you. These are workouts you really cannot get in a class, and everything is tailored to fit you. I've worked with Tori for a year and a half and never once have I been bored or unchallenged. Get in on this, you won't be disappointed!! "

Isabel W.

Chicago, IL

"After training with Tori my strength, speed, and stamina has significantly improved. Tori's dedication to her clients and the profession is truly a cut above the rest! "

Amy S.

Chicago, IL

"Tori has mastered creating energy in the room, energy that pushes and encourages people to push themselves to their personal limits. She keeps our minds and bodies guessing throughout every workout. She is encouraging and it is easy to see that she cares about the improvement, both physically and mentally, of every student in her class."

Alex C

Chicago, IL

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